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Become a Knitter: First Steps Scarf

Learn to knit a beautiful and interesting scarf, even if you don't have the time, patience or skills!

Learn the 3 simple skills you need to knit the gorgeous "First Steps Scarf" and Become a Knitter

I designed the First Steps Scarf especially for the brand new knitter to give you the opportunity to learn and practice the 3 essential skills every knitter needs.

Join me for the 2 hour workshop and you will learn . . .
🧶  the 3 simple knitting skills that will get you knitting
🧶  ways to make your knitting look professional
🧶  tips and tricks to make your knitting easier

Save your seat for the LIVE workshop,
Order your supplies with a few clicks (or with a clear list for your local shop),
show up and KNIT!

Date & Time

 🧶 Wednesday, December 1, 2021, 7 - 9 PM EST

I am running this workshop LIVE.

Can't join us live? 
You get access to the replay for the life of workshop. 

A few of the things we’ll cover

🧶  A list of the materials you need to make the scarf and where to find them (locally and online), including direct links to make online shopping super quick and easy. You get access to this as soon as you join!
🧶  The three foundational simple skills that you need to knit this scarf and future projects.
🧶  Proven ways to make your knitting look handmade not homemade.
🧶  Short mini  refresher lessons to refer back to when you need them.
🧶  Tips, tricks and cheat sheets to help you on your knitting journey.

🧶  BONUS: A pattern specifically designed to help you solidify your new skills and to keep the knitting simple but interesting.  
🧶  BONUS: A “Make it Yours” cheat sheet so that you can knit this scarf with any yarn!
🧶  BONUS: "Finish Your First Steps Fun-for-All!" to help you finish your scarf so you can wear it or gift it!  

Learn to knit! Create this scarf!
Say, "I made it myself!"

In this workshop, you will learn everything you need to make this First Steps Scarf.

You can Become a Knitter!

I am so excited to share my Become a Knitter: First Steps workshop. In this workshop, I will walk you, step by step through three simple skills that you will use to create this gorgeous scarf. You will learn to:

Cast on your project

Do the knit stitch

Bind off your project

That just means you will learn to get your stitches on your needle.

This is the most basic stitch from which all other stitches are derived.

Finish your project so you don’t have to walk around with a knitting needle attached to it AND the stitches won’t run like a cheap pair of pantyhose.

You will also learn troubleshooting tips and more in-depth information (if you are interested) to help you along the way.

I get it!

I get it, you are a busy professional who barely has time to do all the necessary things in life each day. You go to work with all its responsibilities; you are pulled this way and that. Finally, you get home you make dinner, throw in a load of laundry, clean up after dinner, make sure everyone is fed, clothed, sheltered, driven to where they need to be and is wearing fairly unwrinkled and unstained clothes. When you finally stop for the evening, you plop onto the couch to watch Netflix for a bit and then fall into bed, exhausted and vaguely unsatisfied.

You've been going all day. You got most of the essentials done, but there is something missing.
Then you wake up in the morning, only to have to do it all over again.
All your efforts seem to be used up on things that never stay finished, on things that have to be done over again and again. You really have nothing to show for your effort except a full belly and clean clothes, but that belly gets empty and the clothes get dirty and everyone has to get to where they are going again tomorrow.
Nothing you do stays done and you don’t get to express your creativity.

But, who has time for creativity?
What if I told you that you do.
Yes, you do have time. The fabulous thing about knitting is that it easily fits into those little moments of otherwise wasted time. Because knitting is so portable, it is easy to work it into your crazy busy schedule.

But, where would I find the materials?
I don’t know where to buy really lovely yarn and I don’t have time to be driving around town hunting it down.
Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! I have partnered with the amazing Biscotte Yarns to create the perfect Become a Knitter Kit (they are even offering a discount for my students)! It includes everything you need to make the First Steps Scarf — delivered right to your door — you don’t even need to find and unwrinkled, unstained shirt to get them!

But I don’t have the patience to knit!
Oh my goodness, I can relate. I have no patience. In my books, patience is the virtue that makes you swear. THAT is precisely WHY I knit. Knitting helps calm the soul and the fingers. I can’t just sit. I even find it hard ot just sit and listen.
Knitting while listening to a class or watching television actually helps me focus better. Whenever I get stressed, the needles come out. Time flies by in the waiting room. I have better conversations with friends: instead of focusing on what I will say next, I am able to more fully concentrate on what my friend is saying when I am knitting.

Right NOW, YOU have the time!

Now that you know that you have the time, easily get the materials and that you don't need patience already, you can take up a skill that will:

  • Give you a creative outlet.
  • Let you create gorgeous, squishy garments and accessories.
  • Give you a deep sense of accomplishment.
  • Show off your legendary skills to your friends and family.
  • Relax you.
  • Give you lots of health benefits including mindfulness, nimbleness, possibly even staving off arthritis and dementia!
Bonus Resources:

  • Bonus Facebook Group for you to ask questions and get support.
  • Q&As to help answer YOUR questions!
  • A guide to take a video of yourself knitting (using materials you already have at home) so that you can get individualized feedback when you don’t know what went wrong
  • The stand-alone pattern for the First Steps Scarf, so you can make it again and again.
  • A needle conversion chart (so you know what size your needles are in US and in metric)
  • A yarn sizing chart.
  • A guide to adjust the basic pattern to use other yarns and to adjust the size.
  • Other tips and tricks that will help your first project and all subsequent ones go more smoothly.
When you Become a Knitter, you can magically transform irritating downtime into a creative outlet. You will look forward to all in those little bits of time that we all get:

  • waiting in the doctor’s office,
  • on your commute (unless you are the one driving of course),
  • on your lunch hour, OK, let’s face it, 20 minutes,
  • while in conference calls,
  • in line a grocery store,
  • grabbing a coffee with a friend, and
  • anywhere else you have a few minutes and two hands free.
Knitting is awesome because it is so portable that you can take it anywhere and just pull it out and start creating. That means that you will finish your projects and not have a pile of half-done projects (commonly referred to as PHDs) that never see the light of day.
When I used to sew, I would have to set aside time and space to go into my sewing room, set everything up and work on my own for a dedicated amount of time. I never finished my projects. Since taking up knitting again, I always have a project with me I can pick up in the little downtime moments of life. I get a lot more projects done. I am not perfect, I still have my PHDs, but I also have a beautiful pile of FOs (Finished Objects) that I can give as gifts or use myself.
To be clear, you will need to spend a bit of focused time to watch and practice each skill. Once you’ve spent that little of time understanding the what, how and why and you do some focused practice of each new skill, you will be able to pick up your needles and yarn and while away those bits of normally unusable time in a creative, restorative and fulfilling way!
As a bonus, you can have a gorgeous, handmade delight you can keep or give as a gift! You can give the scarf to a loved one or give it to yourself to enjoy. Either way, you will have had the great pleasure of creating a beautiful scarf from nothing more that a piece of yarn and some sticks!

Course Curriculum

Magda Therrien

I am Magda and I love spreading the joy of knitting by helping people expand their skills and confidence in all things knitting.
Mix that with some sound pedagogy (a BA in Psychology, BEd, and an MA in Education), a lot of research and some of my own tweaks and creativity and you've got a recipe for fun and knitting success.



I enjoyed working on this project. The pattern is easy to memorize yet unique and creates a very pretty texture.

Learn from videos, notes, experience, your instructor and each other.

The class is full of helpful videos and notes, but you putting the information into practice is how you will Become A Knitter. Then, join our bonus Facebook group and go indepth with

  • one-on-one help from Magda,
  • bonus videos from Magda,
  • learning from each other, 
  • showing off your projects,
  • taking part in fun student activities.


Learn the basics of knitting and create beautiful projects.


Creating and doing may help with stress management. Try it and see!


Make gorgeous projects and impress all those around you with your skills!